Ovarian stock analysis and its side effects


Ovarian stock analysis

Every female when she reaches adolescence and her period begins regularly and she has a million eggs and they are reduced monthly until they are greatly reduced at the age of 35 years and then they seem to disappear completely when they reach menopause with the interruption of their menstrual cycle.

But in many cases, the result of the analysis may be inconclusive or, in a clearer sense, wrong, and errors can occur, whether due to human errors in the lab or any other reason. Therefore, the analysis must be re-analyzed in case of a negative result more than once to be sure.

Why does the doctor order an ovarian reserve analysis?

One of the most important reasons for requesting this type of analysis is a delay in conception, and the doctor wants to check the number of eggs and the fertility rate,

As each life stage a woman goes through has a certain number of eggs that she must possess in normal conditions, and there are many other reasons for requesting this type of analysis, the most important of which are:

A doctor can predict a woman's menopause by performing a series of fertility tests.

These analyzes help in diagnosing polycystic ovaries in all its stages, as they begin with a set of symptoms that do not adequately explain the condition.

Such as: the appearance of acne significantly, weight gain at a time that the topic may reach local obesity, excessive hair growth, and also the date of the menstrual cycle is significantly delayed.

What are the steps for ovarian reserve analysis?

This analysis does not contain any difficult or overly complicated steps. It only relies on the health care provider to routinely draw a sample of blood and this sample is examined, and this process only takes a few minutes from you.

What explains high ovarian hormone reserves?

After performing an ovarian stock analysis, if an increase in ovarian hormone stores is found, and despite that, the patient suffers from some symptoms with no pregnancy, then these are the expected explanations for the situation:

  • The high number of eggs remaining in the ovary.
  • A large percentage of the patient is infected with polycystic ovary disease.
  • It is possible that the insemination process can be done in the laboratory, or as it is known as IVF, and the success rate of this process is very large.

But in the event that the results are the opposite and there is a significant decrease in the ovarian hormone stores, then these are the expected explanations:

  • The patient suffers from near menopause, especially if she is over the age of forty.
  • In this case, the in vitro fertilization process has a very low success rate.
Ovarian stock analysis
Ovarian stock analysis

Side effects after ovarian reserve analysis

Ovarian stock analysis is a very simple analysis, like any other blood analysis, and it does not result in any side effects more than the occurrence of a minor bruise as a result of blood withdrawal with a needle.

Oocyte stock analysis price

There are many differences that exist in the prices of ovarian and ovarian stock analysis, because the number of these analyzes is very large and different, so each type of analysis has a different price from the other, and the price varies depending on the place in which you conducted the analysis.

But one of the most common and widespread types of these analyzes among people is the AMH analysis, because it is needed in many cases and most of them are before performing the IVF process, and its price can be less than or more than 500 Egyptian pounds.

Egg stock at the age of forty

The age of forty represents a very big crisis for many women, especially women who have a desire to have children at this age, because the chance of having children is considered to be less than a quarter of their chance at the age of thirty or twenty.

Therefore, the largest percentage of women who are interested in conducting ovarian stock analysis are this group of women .

The most important thing that constitutes a crisis for childbearing at this age are:

  • The number of eggs remaining: as the number of eggs takes a sharp decline curve starting from the late thirties, and therefore the number of eggs in the forties is very low until they reach menopause, and the menstrual cycle is interrupted at this age and thus the eggs disappear permanently.
  • Egg quality: It is one of the things that also greatly affects the reproductive process, and it decreases naturally once you reach the age of forty, but there is no specific way to test the quality of eggs.

Is there a cure for low ovarian reserve?

There are many cases after they perform an ovarian reserve analysis and find that their percentage is low, they feel very hopeless because there is no specific treatment for their health condition, but we have collected the most important tips that must be followed, and they are:

  • You should follow a healthy, integrated diet that depends on reducing calories and increasing protein, fruits and vegetables
  • You should rely on exercising on a daily basis, and you can also do relaxation exercises such as yoga and swimming.
  • You should completely avoid smoking or drinking alcohol in any quantity.

What are the types of fertility tests for women?

There are a large number of tests that the doctor resorts to to find out the fertility rate for women and to know more information about the reasons for their delayed pregnancy. The most important of these analyzes are:

FSH oocyte stock analysis :

It is considered one of the very important analyzes and is performed during the early stages of the menstrual cycle. It is a test that is easily performed by ultrasound.

Follicle gas is a small solid that gathers together to form a number of eggs and is released to the uterus during the time of the menstrual cycle, and the larger the number of follicles, this indicates that the number of eggs is also large and vice versa

AMH test or analysis :

It is also known as anti-Muller analysis, as it is a type of protein hormone and is produced periodically by follicle cells.

Therefore, when performing an analysis to determine the percentage of the hormone, the doctor determines the number of follicles through it, and thus the number of remaining eggs is determined, and this analysis is characterized by the fact that no specific time is specified for it, so you can do it at any time during the month.

Luteinizing hormone (LH) analysis :

It is a hormone that has a very large role in the process of fertilization and ovulation, as it plays a major role in the process of releasing the egg through the ovary.

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