How to use Musegur pills


How to use mosegur fattening pills

How to use Musegur pills

There are many people who wonder how to use Mosegur for fattening pills and how effective it is for this matter, so we will talk below about how to use it in detail:

  • Musegur is used gradually so as not to harm the person, so the first dose is one tablet daily before bed.
  • The dose is gradually increased to two tablets and then to three tablets per day, but you must first check the response of the sick person's body to this medicine.
  • The largest dose for adults should be three or four milligrams taken in divided doses throughout the day, and the dose should not exceed this, so that the person does not suffer any harm.
  • As for children, the dose is from 0.5 to 1 mg per day and should not be more than 1.5 mg per day.

Indications for use of Mosigur pills

How to use Musegur pills
How to use Musegur pills

We will mention below the most important uses of Musegur for fattening pills:

  • Mosigur pills are used to treat migraine headaches, as the active substances in these pills work to permanently relieve pain and reduce recurrence.
  • The active substances in these pills work to open the appetite and thus increase the weight of the patient, and therefore it is used in some cases to open the sick appetite.

Contraindications to the use of Mosigur tablets

There are many pathological conditions in which the use of Mosigur pills is contraindicated, and the following will mention these contraindications:

  • It is contraindicated to use Mosegur tablets if the sick person is allergic to one of the active substances contained in the pills.
  • It should not be used in men who have an enlarged prostate or problems with the prostate glands such as hyperactivity.
  • It is only used under the supervision of a physician in patients with kidney disease.
  • It is used under the supervision of a physician if the patient has epilepsy.
  • Do not use in case of urinary retention in the patient.
  • It should not be used during pregnancy or lactation so that the child does not experience side effects from taking this medicine.

Side effects from using Mosegor pills

There are many negative effects that may occur to the patient when taking Mosegur pills, the most important of which are the following:

  • The active substances in this medicine cause weak immunity and lack of resistance to infection due to the weak strength of the body, and therefore the body cannot resist a sore throat, fever, sneezing, coughing, or other things.
  • It acts as a great diuretic.
  • Sensation of dry mouth and the need to drink water constantly.
  • Feeling relaxed, lethargic and constantly needing to sleep.
  • Dizziness and poor vision.
  • Eye redness and sensitivity to light.
  • Infection with boils and the appearance of acne.
  • Disruption in the timing of the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Stool color change.
  • Feeling of muscle pain with mild cramps.

When will the results of the Musegur pills be revealed?

Some may wonder about the duration or period in which the body can respond to this treatment, and below we will explain some information about these pills and eating them for fattening:

  • The speed of response to these pills varies from person to person, according to the nature of each person's body, and therefore there are some factors on which the speed of response depends.
  • It also depends on the patient's health condition, medical history, and body weight, from which the appropriate dose is determined for him to benefit from it and to prevent exposure to any harm.
  • The doctor determines the necessary dose of pills and indicates the number of meals that must be taken during the day to increase the speed of response to this medication.

Musegur alternative

There are many medicines that are used as an alternative to Mosegur, such as:

  • Sando Majran.
  • Mega Zen.
  • Daddy.
  • Peso ven pills.
  • Nativin.
  • Zuffin.

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