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EEG and delayed speech


The child begins to speak clearly at the age of one year, and if he delays speaking at this age, the doctor will ask for an EEG, and therefore we will explain the relationship of the EEG to delayed speech as follows:

When performing a brain scan, the causes of delayed speech are identified by identifying the health of the cells responsible for language and whether they work or not.

Also, through this examination, it is possible to know and diagnose excess electricity in the brain in children, which is one of the causes of delayed speech.

Delayed speech may be due to the child having a stroke, cerebral palsy, or any other brain injury, such as the presence of water in the speech centers in the brain,

Therefore, an electroencephalogram must be performed to determine the main cause of delayed speech and then prescribe the appropriate treatment for the child.

healthy brain diagram

The EEG is a chart on moving graph paper with patterns. In a state of relaxation, these patterns are repeated 10 times and are known as alpha waves. There are beta waves that appear when a person is alert, and in a state of deep sleep, delta waves appear.

Thus, a healthy EEG is when these waves and patterns appear normally, and any defect in them means that there is a problem.

Brain drawing preparations for children

There are several procedures that are carried out in preparation for the brain scan for children, including:

  • The child's guardian signs a consent form for the test, thus giving the doctor permission to carry out all the procedures for this test.
  • All medications and drugs the child is taking, and herbs and nutritional supplements should be reported to the doctor.
  • Before carrying out this examination, the child must get rid of lice or chickenpox, if they are infected.
  • Before the test, the hair is washed well with shampoo only, and no hair care products such as conditioners, gels and creams are used.
  • The child abstains from soft drinks and any other caffeinated beverages about 12 hours before the test.
  • The child should not fast before the examination, because fasting causes low blood sugar, and this has a negative effect on the results of the EEG.
  • The child stops taking stimulants and antidepressants about two days before the test.
  • The doctor may prescribe some medications for the child to take before the EEG procedure, and they must be adhered to.

How to read a brain scan

We will explain how the EEG is read as follows:

  • The neurologist reads the waves that result from the EEG after recording them, and compares them with normal patterns. These waves represent levels of consciousness such as waking up and sleeping.
  • The extent of the wave within one second represents a specific state, and if the person is awake, the wave will move quickly.
  • The frequency and difference of the waves determines the health and safety of electrical signals within the brain.
  • These waves are affected by some diseases such as epilepsy, sleep disorders and brain tumors.

EEG results

  • The correct result is that the waves in the EEG take the form of specific, normal patterns that the specialist knows well. As for the incorrect result, there is a defect in these patterns.

The difference between an EEG and a CT scan

There is a difference between an EEG and a CT scan. We will explain it in the following points:


  • It is a diagram that shows the electrical charges in the brain, and is used in the diagnosis of epilepsy and brain injuries.
  • The EEG is wires with circular irons at the end that are placed on the head of the sick person and fixed with certain materials, and the duration of this examination ranges between 30 and 60 minutes.

CT scan

More accurate than an EEG, as these rays show all brain injuries and determine their size, in addition to determining the locations of tumors or infections,

Or clots in the brain and a CT scan is a device that a sick person is inserted into so that an imaging of the brain or the entire body is done.

Do brain scans show tumors?

Sometimes EEG is used to identify tumors, but it is preferable to diagnose brain tumors using MRI,

This is because there are certain tumors that do not affect the electrical charges in the brain that are measured by the EEG, and therefore the EEG diagnosis is wrong, according to a neurosurgeon.

EEG and depression

Depression is diagnosed by electroencephalography, as depression has a clear effect on brain cells, as it causes a shrinkage in the size of the brain and encephalitis that leads to the death or damage of brain cells, and prevents the growth of new brain cells, and all this is known through electroencephalography.

EEG for epilepsy patient

We will explain the relationship of EEG to epilepsy in the following points:

  • Epilepsy is a type of cerebral disease, and it is a nervous seizure that recurs regularly or irregularly. Epilepsy occurs as a result of an increase in electrical charges in the brain.
  • Thus, EEG is the best way to diagnose epilepsy by measuring electrical charges.

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