Which platform is best for crypto?


Which platform is best for crypto? trading has flourished thanks to technological development and therefore the spread of the web and modern means of communication. The forex market may be a decentralized market and has no geographical boundaries because it is traded on an OTC system or trading outside the platform.


What is Bitcoin Trading? is an abbreviation of the term exchange Market, which suggests exchange market, and it's also symbolized by the acronym FX.


What is Bitcoin Trading?

Forex is one among the foremost famous financial markets and it's an enormous financial market during which countries' currencies are traded among many investors, banks and investment for several purposes, the foremost important of which is to profit from changing currency exchange rates and make a profit through buying and selling.


How did the forex market start?

Forex started counting on the principle of barter, as humans in past practiced the method of trade by exchanging goods with one another because there was no cash or cash at that point . The barter system was the essential building block on which the currency trading system relied, then people used what's valuable in their point of view in operations Trade like snails, precious stones, etc. in trade operations, in order that the worth of the commodity is decided by a particular number of those means, like buying meat for four snails.


Soon, those media were replaced by pieces of gold, silver, and precious metals, then people attended use paper currencies as an alternate to gold and silver in order that banknotes were printed that express a particular amount of gold, and this was the start of the emergence of the cash we all know today.


How much is that the trading volume within the forex market?

The forex market is that the largest financial market within the world in terms of liquidity and trading volume, because it reached 6.6 trillion dollars per day in April 2019, like 25 trillion Saudi riyals per day. Forex can't be compared to the other financial market in terms of liquidity, for instance , the ny stock market NYSE, which is that the largest stock exchange within the world, doesn't have a daily turnover of $ 70 billion.


Who Trade Forex? what's the rationale for its huge liquidity?

This huge liquidity within the currency market is thanks to the presence of various classes of traders like major investment banks, central banks, investment , investment management companies, brokerage firms, individual traders, and traders for non-financial purposes like hedging purposes.


In addition to the event of means of communication and online trading, and therefore the use of monetary facilities or financial leverage to trade forex, and this is often what attracts more and more investors to the currency day after day.


Advantages of Forex Trading

• Huge liquidity and high volume in forex trading.

• Forex trading is open 24 hours 5 days every week .

• Forex trading takes place during a decentralized manner - OTC.

• Ease of following the Forex market and counting currency news.

• The possibility of creating a profit during the increase or fall of currencies.

• The possibility of trading in small amounts because of the leverage.

• Ease of opening a true Forex account.

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