Is Bitcoin a good investment 2020?


Is Bitcoin a good investment 2020? Thus, the acquisition of those currencies on an outsized amount of trading volume within the currency market contributed to increasing the interest and follow-up of traders and investors on the main currency pairs in forex, and therefore the following table shows the trading volumes of the foremost popular forex currency pairs consistent with the newest statistics of the Bank for International Settlements for the year 2019.


Bitcoin trading pairs it's worth noting that handling currencies or their major pairs is one among the foremost important features of Forex for traders, as about 90% of the currency market trading volume is completed on the most currencies (the US dollar, British British pound , the euro, the japanese yen, Swiss franc, the Canadian dollar , the dollar. Australian and New Zealand dollar) and thus following them creates good trading opportunities from them.


Bitcoin trading pairs - Cross-currency pairs

They are currency pairs that the US dollar isn't a celebration to, and therefore the liquidity and trading volumes on cross currency pairs are usually less than the main currency pairs, so you'll notice that the spreads or spreads (will be explained within the next lesson) are above the most ones, and therefore the cross currency pairs are of interest. and therefore the follow-up of Forex speculators due to its strong moves, especially those pairs during which each side of the main currencies.


The most popular currency crosses that are of interest to Forex traders:

• EUR / GBP, Euros, British pounds.

• EUR / JPY, euro yen.

• EUR / CHF, Euro francs.

• GBP / JPY British pound yen.


We observe the trading volumes of some cross pairs within the previous currency pairs' volume table, and the way a number of them compete with the main pairs in liquidity and strength.

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