How much should I invest in Bitcoin?


How much should I invest in Bitcoin? trading they're the currency pairs during which the US dollar may be a party, whether it's a base currency or a counter currency, and therefore the other side may be a currency of the main industrialized countries, which are the countries of the euro area, Japan, Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, which are:


What are the foremost popular currency pairs in Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin trading pairs differ in terms of trading volumes or popularity or the degree of difficulty executing their trades and their liquidity within the markets, but we will say that the foremost popular classification of currency pairs are often divided into 3 classifications, which are:


• Major currency pairs.

• Cross-currency pairs.

• Exotic or rare currency pairs.


Through the subsequent lines, we'll highlight each concept of every classification and therefore the currencies it contains:


What are the foremost popular currency pairs in Bitcoin trading


Major Currency Pairs


• EUR / USD, Euro Dollar.

• GBP / USD, British pound Dollar.

• USD / JPY, dollar-yen.

• USD / CHF franc.

• USD / CAD US dollar Canadian dollar .

• AUD / USD Australian dollar US dollar.

• NZD / USD New Zealand Dollar.


Why is that the US dollar the strongest currency?

Because it took its lead since the top of war II and therefore the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement during which currency rates were linked to the US dollar, and therefore the US dollar is that the main currency reserve currency for central banks in various governments, and it's a measure of pricing most commodities like gold trading, trading oil, trading silver, et al. so it are often said that The US dollar is that the undisputed master of the world's currencies.

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